Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dates Are Better on a Bike!

Last Friday night I combined a date with the Planner Guy with a  product test for review on Bike Shop Hub's blog Commute by Bike   Inspired by my husband's deep love of Oregano's pizza, we biked over to Milton Avenue and tested the Hybrid Backpack as a pizza carrier.  Why not?  Two great things, bikes and pizza, just might belong together.

We had quite a good time on this particular bike date and I'll tell you all about it and everything I discovered about the Hybrid Backpack in a soon to be written post, which I'll link to on SRAB.  Then I'll get back to my final post on our recent bike date in Los Gatos, CA.  I haven't forgotten; I've just been very busy.


Simply Bike said...

Looks wonderful! Bikes dates truly are the best!


Bicycle Tyro said...

Awww...so true! Some day my bicycle prince will come.

Sam said...

Agreed...I love bike dates too. You know...for whatever bizarre reason it has never occurred to me to carry pizza that way. Looking forward your review..I think I have more bike bags than shoes!

Ben said...

Let us know if the bike is better than that yummy looking pizza.... :)

She Rides a Bike said...

Ben - that pizza was amazing and gone too soon. I just finished writing the review but it needs a few edit. Will probably be on Commute by Bike sometime next week w/ lots of exciting photos. I post a link when it's there.

inspiredcyclist said...

Pizza is my most favorite meal! And add oregano to it - YUM! Very, very cool that you were able to bring the pizza home in the carrier! PERFECT!

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