Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's In Your Pannier?

Because there is no time like the present, despite high winds and cloudy skies, I decided to forgo a much desired day on the sofa and pedal around Flagstaff doing errands in service of testing out the Timbuk2 Shift Pannier Messenger bag for Bike Shop Hub's Commute by Bike blog.  That review will be up on in the next week or two but the process of getting ready to set out on my ride got me thinking about the stuff I consider necessary for any bike trip.

I don't pedal anywhere without a bike bag.
From time to time women's magazines will ask women to dump open their purse and expose the soup that is the contents of their purses.  In years past, this would have caused me a degree of self-consciousness but these  I tote around a pannier or bike bag more often than a purse and tend to carry with me the "essentials".   I wish I could say that a set of emergency bike tools were among them . . . .

I'm NOT usually this organized.
 For a typical day's journey, I carry my wallet, a set of reading glasses, my camera, my Android, keys, u-lock, a small makeup bag, a couple of oranges or a small container of mixed nuts and dried food, the latest copy of Sunset magazine (really, it's much cooler than you think), a couple of tea bags, a fine-point Sharpie, and a French phrase book (I just keep hoping!).   Since I had things to pick up today around town the oranges, magazine and phrase book remained at home.  I needed room for . . . . .

I'll pedal for coffee.  The brownie fits the pocket perfectly, too.
 a can of North Rim dark roast coffee beans from Late for the Train and a brownie for the Planner Guy.

Where the coffee action happens.
Paul, the barista (baristo?) at Late for the Train, admired my Shift messenger bag, and I explained that Bike Shop Hub asked me to test it and write an on-line review.  We chatted about gear and seeing my camera he asked me if I'd like him to take a picture of me with it for the blog post.  Tired of my own picture, I asked if I could photograph him with the bag instead.  He was happy to oblige.

Paul wears this messenger bag well!  Why are tall, slim people so photogenic?  Thanks, Paul!


inspiredcyclist said...

That big definitely looks sharp, and would be at home just about anywhere.

kfarndog said...

I suspect you may fall in love with the Timbuk2 bags much as I have over the years. Enjoy and cheers!

She Rides a Bike said...

I really love the size! Just big enough. Prefer to carry it like briefcase by the handle but it is pretty comfortable as a messenger bag too.

Velouria said...

What is the mounting system like? I have found it unusually difficult to find panniers that will fit all of my bikes, since the rear racks on all of them are so different.

She Rides a Bike said...

Veloria: I love the mounting system. Retractable clips! I'll have the link up for the full review tomorrow after it posts to Commute by Bike.

GB said...

Love the Timbuk 2 pannier especially the blue interior. We only get the Timbuk 2 messenger bags over here and sadly the new range that has arrived in London mainly come with dark interiors which means I cannot find anything. I brought a Bagaboo bag ( instead to replace my well worn three year old Timbuk 2 but I miss it.

As for what I carry in my bag, I am so used to being able to carry everything I need in my bike bags that when I use a handbag I wonder how did I manage before I cycled.

She Rides a Bike said...

GB, you might want to try ording directly from the Timbuk2 website. I used the bag again today, this time carrying it as a messenger and I really love it. Most of the time I just carry a purse or my large Detours pannier but this is a really great bag for carrying work files and folders. The shoulder strap has a very nifty quik release buckle that allows me to get it on and off from around my shoulder quite quickly. Such a convenient bag.

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