Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cold Brew, A Bike and A Big Winner

New Belgium Brewing Company's Northern Arizona Beer Ranger Grant Dunstan invited Bob and I and a large crew of beer and bike fanatics to Keep the Glass, Win a Bike night at New Altitudes Bar and Grill yesterday evening. 

We settled in on the front porch with friends David, Connor and late arrival Maggie for New Belgium brews in souvenir globe glasses.

Bob ordered me a frosty Mighty Earl, and Grant presented me with my winnings from an earlier fall contest - a New Belgium bike messenger bag from Patagonia and this sporty New Belgium pullover, which I promptly donned since darkness and chill were descending.

I was thrilled with the bike messenger bag because it is precisely the kind of messenger bag I wanted to get for Bob to carry to work.  Every Planner Guy needs a sharp looking messenger bag for transporting his . . . plans.  Thanks Grant!

Besides our lovely souvenir New Belgium globe glasses, the big prize for the evening was a drawing for a New Belgium cruiser, one of many that the Colorado brewing company provides for Grant for contests and fundraisers in Northern Arizona.  The cruisers are real attention-getters and bike winners are a pretty proud group so Grant handed out many a raffle ticket.  I mentioned earlier that Maggie was a late arrival and we on the front porch loudly urged her to hurry with locking up her bike so she could get her lottery ticket before Grant drew for the winner.  Woo-hoo!  She made it and WON!

Here's Grant attaching the New Belgium bike bell on the handlebar as Maggie gushes in disbelief.  It's true Maggie; I can't believe that I didn't win the cruiser, either.

Here's Maggie calling her husband, who was home with their children.  We won!  We won!  We won!

Maggie and her husband Will have been really committed to winning one of the New Belgium cruisers and, because they have kiddos at home, have been alternating previous Keep a Glass, Win a Bike nights.   Since it was Maggie's night, I wondered, who gets the bike?

Maybe they can take turns riding shotgun on the porter's rack?  Will they race each other to the garage before each trip to see who gets to the cruiser first?  Nope.  Maggie says Will gets the bike.  Having just returned from a strenuous hike in and out of the Grand Canyon though, Maggie wasn't quite sure if Will had enough physical and mental energy to comprehend his good luck when she called him to deliver the news.  I'm pretty sure that upon waking up this morning it all made sense to him when he saw his new cruiser.  You're a good wife, Maggie.


Velouria said...

That's not a bad looking cruiser, and I like the front rack!

ironmanbob2 said...

Maggie and Will are perfect for the bike! Will has the style and beer-desire to pull this off!

Cherilyn said...

Niiiice! Congrats on the pullover and messenger bike score! All your pics of being out on the town look so inviting.

She Rides a Bike said...

Thx, Cherilyn! The pullover will be a great ski sweater next year, too. I like getting to plug New Belgium. They are very socially responsible and community minded, plus they support bikes. What's not to love.

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