Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quel dommage! A Minor Bike Annoyance

With the streets mostly free of ice I've been back to pedaling to work and had looked forward to a trip downtown tomorrow afternoon on my Dahon Eco 3 for an appointment with my doctor.  Unfortunately, on my way into work I noticed that my foot was not sitting on my right pedal in a stable fashion.  Upon closer inspection at my office, I found that the Suntour pedal was halfway unscrewed from the crank.  Hmmm, nonetheless bolt felt quite tight and unmovable. 

I asked Bob to take a look at the crank when he got home.  He was unable to unlock the bolt with a wrench and said that the threads in the crank looked torn.  Drats!  Does this mean a new crankset?  Do I replace it with the original crankset from the entry level Eco 3 or go for an upgrade?  Does this mean I'll also have to replace the Suntour pedals??  I rather like the way they feel?  I'm not opposed to upgrading components but really would prefer not to do so at this very moment. 

On the other hand, I want to take the Eco 3 with me for transport on our upcoming trip to San Francisco.  I guess I'll be carting the Dahon off to the bike shop with weekend for some expert assistance.  While I'm there I'll pick up a red light to install on my ArcLite rack and see if I can get a replacement bolt for the one that popped out of the side mirror I installed on the handlebar.  At least the Eco 3 repair bill and accessories won't look anything close to a bill from the Honda dealership.


breakingchainstakinglanes said...

I'm not sure about the exact specs on the Dahon, but on most bikes with an alloy crank, the threads of the crank will strip before the threads on the pedal. Perhaps your LBS can re-tap the crank arm, but if this fails you'll probably have to replace it.

Also, if you're trying to tighten or loosen them, remember that the left pedal is reverse threaded (loosens clockwise, tightens counterclockwise).

She Rides a Bike said...

Good info. I think I recall Bob talking about the rt/lft pedal issue when we put it together. Hoping for the best.

JD said...

Karen, I have been thinking of getting a "folder " for awhile now; I think you have convinced me to look at the ECO 3. thanks

She Rides a Bike said...

Good for you JD! Take a look at the Speed 7, too. I saw one at REI. Believe it is one of Dahon's best sellers. It looked like anice ride and already comes w/ the rack.

JD said...

Yes I saw the D7 at REI for $499. But I can get the Eco 3 at Performance for $329, leaving $39 for a rack and $49 for a case and $80 for beer LOL. Decisions, decisions.

JD said...

The Breezer Zig 7 looks nice too ($399). But I can't find any reviews anywhere.

She Rides a Bike said...

I looked at the Breezer Zig and Zag. Good price, but I didn't see any in Phoenix as part of my exhaustive hunt. I had to go for price with the Eco 3, plus I really wanted to support the bike shop in the town where I grew up, considering the strides they are making as a Bikeville. $80 for beer in an important consideration, although I usually prioritize shoes ...

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