Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flagstaff Winter Tweed Ride: Bicycles, Style and Keeping Warm This Friday Night!

The Flagstaff Winter Tweed Ride! 

 Flagstaff's first Tweed Ride of 2011 is set for this Friday, January 7 at 5:30.  The Winter Tweed Ride is going to be a cold one but I plan to carry a thermos of very hot coffee.  I plan to keep warm and toasty in my never-fails-me mouton coat coat, lovingly purchased for me oh-so-long ago by Mamma Voyer at a vintage clothing store in Athen's, Georgia.  I can never find enough excuses to wear it. 

When I say it will be cold Friday night, I could not be more serious.  I am expecting the temperature to drop below 10 degrees once it gets dark.  I pedal in the winter when roads are mostly clear of snow and ice (I've yet to purchase studded tires as a result of an unexpected need to buy a near gas range right after Christmas) but rarely after dark.  A Winter Tweed Ride is just the challenge to test my metal.  I have the coat.  I have the Smartwool socks for under my boots.  I can even double them up.  I have the Chili's long leggings for under my pants.  I have a stylish black felt hat that covers my ears.  I can do this!  My only concern is that apparently I have Raynodes Syndrome, which manifests itself in poor circulation in my fingers.  It is very common in women and even more so at high elevations, like Flagstaff.  My fingers are very sensitive to cold, quickly losing color and becoming painful when they come into contact with cold surfaces or have long exposure to cold temperatures.  I'll have to clutch hot drinks all night and stick a warming packet inside my fur lined mittens. 

Anyway, bicyclists should plan to meet at 5:30 p.m. this Friday at Revolution Bicycles located at 3 South Mike's Pike on Downtown Flagstaff's southside.  The plan is to take in the take in the Friday Night Art Walk and stop for occasional libations (and perhaps a warming bowl of chili).  For more information about this and previous Flagstaff Tweed Rides head over to the Flagstaff Tweed!


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Below 10 degrees!? Yikes! I can't imagine, not even considering while riding a bike and the windchill factor. I'll be looking forward to Saturday's blog post report of the ride. You're either one brave woman or.... Good luck and be careful of the ice.

She Rides a Bike said...

I think the temperature turned out to be around 11 degrees but I wore a fur coat, thermal tights under my jeans, and Smartwool socks so I was completely warm. Though I rode the Specialised, think I could have used studded tires. The added weight helped but I still got stuck in a few places.

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