Monday, January 17, 2011

Angie Rides a Townie

The newest stylish cyclist in the family!

As Angie's older cousin, I believe it's important to constantly strive to have a positive influence over her.  Of course, she is now 30, married, and a mom so my influence is actually pretty irrelevant but I'd still like to think that I had something to do with her decision to work bicycling into her transportation options.  And naturally, without sacrificing style.

Pedaling into the sunset.
Angie found this Electra Townie on Craig's list a few months ago for a really good price and snapped it up.  Since then, she picked up a wire bike basket and some panniers, and has been riding her bike to the market, doctor appointments, bike dates with her husband Doug, and a recent meeting for work.  Since she and her husband live in not-so-very bike friendly Phoenix, Arizona she purchased a cute Nutcase helmet for brain protection.  

The ultimate in bike parking at home!  The bike garage!
And it might seem a little extreme to some but I don't see how anyone can argue with the logic of building a bike garage on the side of your house as part of one's exterior home renovation.  Angie is pictured here standing in the framed-out garage, which will be fully enclosed when completed, with a front entry and a brick  path leading to the front porch.  Smashing!  I never would have dreamed she'd take it this far.



b. said...

Thanks for this post! I am hoping to get a new bike in the not-too-distant future, and have a friend who recommended the Townie. My current bike is an old mountain bike clunker, and the angle at which I have to bend to reach the handlebars makes my back ache. Apparently Townies allow you to ride more upright? Do you (or Angie) have an opinion on the Townie's appropriateness for a still-a-beginner, scaredy-cat, around-town cyclist??

She Rides a Bike said...

It's all subjective but I really prefer the upright position. I can see what,s going on around me and am more visible. It's a position built for comfort rather than speed. I don't recommend cruiser handlebars, however. I find them awkwark, especially if you need to stand up and pedal.

b. said...

Oh...what are cruiser handlebars? I just googled it but I guess I'm not sure what I'm looking are they different from other kinds of handlebars?

She Rides a Bike said...

There's probably another name for them but they are very wide open, forming almost a semi circle and usually on beach cruisers. Electra makes a number of beach cruisers. The Townie is more of a comfort or city bike for commuting from here to there.

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Danial123 said...

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