Friday, December 10, 2010

More From Louisville: Bike Safety 101 With Councilman Tom Owen

Prior to moving to Flagstaff and taking up an experiment in bike commuting, I worked for Louisville's 8th District Councilman Tom Owen.  Tom has been a dedicated bike commuter for over 10 years, always in his regular work clothes - although he'd never admit to being cycle chic.  Below is Tom's Bike Safety 101 video that he made a year or so ago for Louisville Metro TV.  Whatever you might think about bike helmets and reflective vests, Louisville is not Portland or Copenhagen when it comes to sharing the road.  Louisville is gaining more and more of a reputation as a bike friendly city, and is in the process of considering it's Master Bike Plan.  Nonetheless, cars still dominate and driver's frequently do not expect to see bicyclists.  I think Tom offers some realistic advise for the River City's bicyclists. He definitely believes that bicyclists have a responsibility for creating safe biking conditions.  Give his video a watch.  Does his advise make sense for your community?

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Cori said...

As former Louisvillians, now Flaggers, me and my husband *heart" Tom Owen!