Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have Folding Bike, Will Travel to Northern California!

The Airporter suitcase and ArcLite rack from Dahon.
Bob purchased a cute red Dahon Eco 3 for me back in October while we were in Greenville, SC for my sister's wedding.  I had been researching folding bikes for quite some time because I liked the idea of being able to take a bike with me on our out of town trips.  While exploring Dahon's website, I found they have a couple of options for traveling with by airplane with a folding bike.  The Airporter suitcase looked like just the thing for me.  I also planned on getting one of the rear bike racks Dahon created specifically for their bicycles.  Always the attentive husband, Bob gave me an Airporter an ArcLite rack for Christmas. 

Detail of the Dahon ArcLite rack.
We're planning  a trip to San Francisco for a long weekend in March and want to spend our time there siteseeing on bikes.  What better way to indulge in a huge plate of guilt-free pasta in North Beach than by pedaling up and down those famous SF hills?  Later in May, we're joining our little nieces in San Jose for Girls on the Run and plan to also take them on a bicycle excursion.  We'll round off our second California trip with a few days biking in the wine country.  All-in-all, I'd say my new Airporter and ArcLite rack are going to come in very handy.  Thank you, Bob!


ironmanbob2 said...

Don't thank me. Thank your other boy-friend...Santa.

m e l i g r o s a said...

that is so awesome =))) the suitcase looks so perfect!
please do keep me posted (and us tons of bikey peeps out here) in sf, i'd love to meet ya and have some coffee, ok?!
happy new year!

She Rides a Bike said...

Absolutely, Meli! I'll look forward to it.

Cherilyn said...

Awesome! Let us know how the process of getting the bike through the airline's system went! And did you have to pay extra for the bike?

I can definitely see why you'd want to bring your own bike on a trip. Why spend time fiddling with an unfamiliar bike when you could be having fun?

She Rides a Bike said...

I've read that TSA usually opens up the case to inspect and that sometimes they will let you put it back. I also heard some airlines charge a fee but we're flying Southwest so I think we'll be okay.

LBJ said...

I did a bike vacation with my Montague Navigator. I rode around and visited different bakeries. I don't know how many calories I was eating, but by the time I hit bakery #5, I knew it had to be a lot. But because I was riding everywhere (at least 20 miles/day), i felt totally justified in indulging in the pastry. It was so nice to have my own bike too, and not have to borrow or rent.

She Rides a Bike said...

LBJ- I plan to visit mom & pop Italian restaurants after heavy pedaling but not sure I can count calories. ;)

Char said...

I have 2 folding bikes in my "herd". :) One is a Bike Friday (with full set of gears that allows me to climb just about anything!), and a Brompton. I have taken the Bike Friday to tour all over the world, and using the Samsonite suitcase it comes with to attach as a trailer, to carry camping stuff & clothes. The Brompton is an easier/faster bike to unfold/fold, but it travels well in its own soft-sided travel case. It only has 6 gears, so its more limited, but still fun. Folders definitely give you more flexibility! Enjoy your Dahon! :) :)