Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter's Approach

We had a first light snow last week, but nothing that could keep me off my bicycle, even without studded tires.  The National Weather Service predicts that the anticipated La Nina weather pattern this year will result in a warmer and dryer winter than last.  I am assured we will not go without snow but advised not to count on as much as we enjoyed last year - at least I enjoyed it, as my husband taught me how to cross country ski.

Initially the bad snow news caused me to pout quite a bit but the up-side has been more time to enjoy fall bicycling and  delaying the expense of purchasing studded tires.  I've been wearing more skirt lately paired with tights and tall boots to keep me warm but so far heavy coats have been all but unnecessary except after the sun goes down.  Either my Merino wool JCrew sweater jacket or my chocolate brown Columbia soft shell jacket have all but become part of my regular work uniform and protect me quite well from the cold on my ride too and from work.  Dottie from Let's Go Ride a Bike created a nice video blog last year on dressing for cold weather and stressed not bundling up more than you  have to on a bike commute into work as the ride in warms you up in no time.  Keeping that in mind, I've really found she's quite right.  I'm sure the temperatures will drop enough this winter that I'll need one of my heavier coats but as yet I've almost been a bit taken aback when coworkers seem surprised that I'm biking to work in cold weather.

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Traci said...

Very true about not bundling up too much. I've found that I'm miserable if my hands or ears are cold, but hardly feel cold at all on a ride otherwise.