Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SRAB Visits the Dahon Dispatch Blog!

My morning ride on the urban trail on the Dahon Eco 3.
Eric at Dahon contacted me not long ago and asked me if I'd be interested in sharing the story of my beginnings as a bike commuter with a guest post on their blog, the Dahon Dispatch Blog.  Eric was particularly interested in how I overcame my initial reservation about giving up my car.  Of course, I readily agreed and sent along several photos of my morning ride on the little red Eco 3, a really fun little folder that I've got big plans for.

Come this May, Bob and I will be flying to San Jose to accompany our nieces for their second race with Girls on the Run.  My Eco 3 will be going with us since we plan on taking the girls on a biking adventure that no doubt will include a stop for lunch somewhere.  We'll also do some pedaling up and down the hill of San Francisco on one side of that trip.  There's a bike rack in front of Giant's Stadium, isn't there?

Casual Friday
So check out my post at the Dahon Dispatch Blog, as well as Eric's recent posts about Interbike and Eurobike 2010.


Hawthorn said...

Hi, on the last photo it looks like you are riding on the old road - is that correct? Here in the uk,there is hardly space for pavements let along cycle tracks, I look at your space with envy!

She Rides a Bike said...

Pretty sure that road is pretty newly paved. There is so much I could say about public investment in infrastructure but I might be accused of hating freedom and liberty (sorry, still laughing at tthe Palin "speech" yesterday. The urban trail is Flagstaff's amenity.

Bliss Chick said...

You look great on that bike! Love the bags slung over the handlebars. I missed your Dahon purchase. I'll have to look for that post!

Char said...

Cool that you are car-free! :) Will have to check your blog to see how and when that happened. :) I went car-free 3 years ago. My friends and family thought I was crazy! But it really has worked out well, financially and healthwise. :) Here's my blog for being car-free: http://carfree-char.blogspot.com/. Happy to see there's someone else like me out there, being car-free! :) :)

Faizan said...

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Omen shara said...
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