Friday, November 26, 2010

She Rides a Bike but Also Skis - Year 2

Yes, I could have celebrated the opening day of the holiday season, Black Friday, with trip to the mall where I could spend money and "save".  I could have ridden my bike to Target and "saved 50 - 70% off department store prices!"  But we had other things in mind for the day after Thanksgiving.  Besides moving to Flagstaff for my husband's job, we came here to take advantage of the opportunity to ski.  Today was the opening day of the Flagstaff Nordic Center, announced just yesterday on their Facebook page.  Bob and I knew what we had to do.

We can shop anywhere, but not just any place has snow or places to ski.  Much in the same way that often I consider riding a bike the best part of my day and sitting in a car an experience to be endured, experience of skiing enhances my life.  The idea of camping out in order to save $100 on a flat screen TV just seems really, really sad (as well as disturbing).

That is not to say that we won't spend money on skiing.  This afternoon we purchased a couple's season pass at the Nordic Center.  My husband also bought a bottle of wine for our apres ski feast.  Two weeks ago I picked a couple of pairs of ski pants and a jacket at REI (all on sale).  They weren't hard choices to make sense we know our experience last year that skiing through the winter will bring us physical and mental health benefit that we'll enjoy together.  We'll never regret being together in the snow covered National Forest or underneath the white-capped San Francisco Peaks where we never once think about whether or not we will survive another city budget.

Money well spent equals time well spent.  Life on a bike or on skis.


Cherilyn said...

Took my first ski this weekend, too! It felt so good to glide in the snow. Here's to a wonderful winter!

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