Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Bike Sighting Here and There and Further Out

Sometimes I just have to stop and take a quick shot of a bike that catches my eye.

This sleek and sophisticated road bike I spotted in front of Collins Irish Pub here in downtown Flagstaff.

While visiting my cousin in Phoenix, I came up a few bikes parked out in front of the establishments we visited.  No riders though.  It was very hot outside and I rarely see a bike in Phoenix with an actual human being attached to it.  This particular bike with a broken chain is simply used as a large flower basket.  I guess the proprietor is going in the right direction.

On the same trip, we did see signs of human life parked in front of Paris Envy. . . . .

This sandwich enclosed in a plastic container and resting in a wire bike basked appeared freshly made.  I admit to being tempted to snatch the sandwich but decided the owner was doubtless nearby - and of course stealing would be wrong.

During our recent trip to Greenville, SC we came upon this old military issued bike at an army-navy store on North Main.  Very cool.  Easy to imagine some young private on this bike carrying a critical message from President Roosevelt to General Patton.  There's a very cinematic quality to my imagination and I can't walk by an interesting bike without wondering about the person who pedals it and where it's been.

And also in Greenville, a old tandem bike as signage for TTR Bikes.