Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Riding Into Fall

I haven't posted in a while due to both my schedule and some unfortunate connection problems with our DSL but I have a few moments and thought I'd do a quick post about not very much other than how glad I am that fall has arrived, allowing me to break out cool weather clothes.

On a recent trip to Louisville, my mother-in-law took me on a shopping trip to JCrew and gifted me with this great Arrow Sweater Jacket with a cozy shawl collar.  I am a little obsessed with cozy, especially when the weather turns cold and it comes time to turn on the gas logs in our family room.  This charcoal grey sweater is nice and thick, the way I like a winter sweater, with a lovely dense, tight knit.  The sweater is in Merino wool, really holds it shape, and is perfect for my morning and afternoon rides to and from work.  I usually pair it with pretty tissue t-shirts and scarves, also from JCrew and have yet to feel overheated or sweaty upon arriving at work.  My first couple of years biking to work, I really bundled up too much and often ended up a damp mess when I got to the office.  I've finally trust that a good thick sweater and a light shirt underneath is usually all I need in all best the coldest weather.  I prefer a warmth around my neck and usually wear a scarf.  They are easy to remove at a stop light if I find myself getting too hot and I just toss it in my front basket or pannier.

Here is a shot of a pearl and amethyst necklace I made recently at Animas Beads (6 W. Route 66).  I love delicate jewelry but often don't find quite what I'm looking for so I decided I'd try coming up with something of my own.