Saturday, September 18, 2010

Post Summer of (Bike) Love Post

The Planner Guy laments being a married, middle aged guy who spends his Saturday evenings listening to Prairie Home Companion on NPR.  However, I like to point out that immediately  (and without prompting from me) upon tickets for Garrison Keiller's Summer of Love Tour tickets going on sale, Bob purchased two!  You have to admit, enjoying a live show of Prairie Home Companion on a late summer evening under the stars with the one you love upon a cozy blanket with wine, cheese, crackers and hummus is not too bad a trade off for being middle aged.

Of course, we traveled to Pine Mountain Amphitheater by bike . . . .

and snapped some portraits of each other in the sunflower covered open space near our house.

Apparently, a lot of other people thought traveling by bike to an outdoor show was a pretty nifty idea, too.  Several of them seemed to be partaking in a pre-show cocktail hours set up near one of the bike rack areas.   Also a nifty idea.

The snacks.

The crowd.

The show.

A wonderful evening.