Thursday, September 9, 2010

Night on a New Bike

The Planner Guy rolled out on his new wheels last Friday for with a trip downtown for the first Friday Art Walk.  Bob's bike was all the art we needed, so handsome and perfectly designed so we skipped the art and pedaled straight to the Tinderbox on South San Francisco for a drink and appetizers in the new bar area they recently opened.  Once again we devoured the edibles before I thought to get a photo. Bad blogger!

Here they are, his and hers Breezer Uptown 8s locked to a new tree-planter (aka:  bike rack) just placed on the sidewalk as part of the Southside Streetscape project (love it!).

And here is handsome Bob, outfitted in a Columbia shirt and JCrew denium in a perfect combination of mountain town dressed up and updated prep (yes, NPR just announced this morning that preppy style is replacing reality TV sleaze . . . thank God!). 

And here I am, wearing a JCrew floral scarf gifted to me by my sweet mother-in-law.  Thanks, Mama C!

After Tinderbox we pedaled to the north side of the tracks for more drinks at one of my favorite bars, Rendevous.  My drink of choice during the warm months is the Sexy Lemon - a delicious and refreshing as it sounds.  I should have remember to ask the bartender to pour it a bit weaker for me since I am quite a lightweight.  Catching a buzz might sound fun but whether in a car or on a bike, it can be a dangerous so I just stuck to one cocktail and made it home safely.

I always enjoy a boisterous downtown night and with the return of students at Northern Arizona University, the streets and sidewalks were packed with youthful energy.   By the time we left Rendevous we saw bikes locked up on every bike rack, fence, bench and sign pole, and we shared the road with bicycling hipsters out to see and be seen. 

Oh, the fashions!  For the most part, I tried to focus my attention on enjoying the evening with my husband but when the 20-something woman in the light trapeze dress, textured leggings and feathered cloche passed us on Phoenix Avenue on a stylish, diamond frame road bike I tempted to morph into the crazy woman with the camera and chase her down for a night time shot. 

A good photographer is always ready and though I managed to get a picture of this couple locking up on North San Francisco, I wasn't quick enough to capture the smart looking plaid double-breasted car coat this young woman was wearing.  Oh, well, hopefully the injection of fashion conscious college students on bikes will catch on with more of the local population.