Monday, September 6, 2010

A New Bike, A New Man

Here is Bob recreating a recent layout from the latest JCrew catelog in response to his first ride on his new mens Breezer Uptown 8. 

The secret to a great ride is often found in a really good bike fitting, provided last Thursday at Absolute Bikes.

Bob and I are a little weirded out about having his and hers Breezers but its a great bike, and I can't deny my husband the opportunity to take advantage of a timely sale.  Bob is excited about the LED lighting system, which provides an exceptionally well illuminated night time ride, as well as the chainguard, keeping his pant leg neat and grease-free.   The Schwinn Jet Star will remain with us, this time as Bob's old reliable beater bike.

And here is Bob again; the professional Planner Guy with his very smart and sophisticated Town Bike.


slow rpm said...

Riding his and hers bikes is a pretty cool thing, so long as you don't start wearing the same 'cycling gear' !



Dottie said...

As a former cheerleader, I'm impressed by Bob's jump! :)

I ove that you have his and hers Breezers. A super chic pair, you two will be, showing Flagstaff how it's done.

Velouria said...

That's awesome that he got a proper fitting for the Breezer. All too often those are reserved for roadbikes, as if city bikes are less important. Congratulations on the new bike and I hope he enjoys it!

The Running Bob said...


One of my greatest fears of marriage is dressing alike. Side note and insight: this is such a great fear that in the morning I try to ensure we are not dressed even in the same colors. If I start wearing ballet flats and skirts, please inject testosterone.


The Planner Guy