Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grateful for Bikes and the Farmers Market

My cousin Angie came visiting from the Valley this weekend and we took a bike trip downtown to the Flagstaff Community Market.  Oh, the color, the dogs, the activist and the bicyclists!  Is it any wonder why people who pedal love the farmers market?

I met this fashionable lady at the flower stand, first spotting her bike and then her when she stepped over to put her purchases in her basket.  I love her hat and dress.  The statement is pure "I love being a girl!".  (As we all should!)  She rides an old vintage bike of indeterminate maker (I'm sure some reader will be able to identify it) but the owner told me it is a Grateful Dead bike and noted the Dead logos.  Shocking that I should run into a bike riding Deadhead at the Flagstaff Community Market!

Angie was taken with the beetle bike bell . . ;

and the colorful spokes.

Angie is 15 years younger than me.  Years ago when she was a mere 13, all the Voyer cousins were in Mystic, Connecticut for a family reunion and decided to break out from the oldsters and drive to Boston to see John Williams' Farewell July 4 Concert in Fenway Park.  Being from a small Pennsylvania town, my little cousin gasped in admiration at the diversity, literally breathing "Oh, the diversity!".  Not surprisingly she loves downtown Flagstaff and all who can be seen at the Sunday farmers market. 

Angie was also quite taken with Bob's Jet Star.  She and her husband have recently purchased a small house near the light rail station in Glendale.  Doug plans to start biking to work and Angie is now interested in combining rail and biking to get where she wants to go.  Likewise she's looking at possible options for hauling her 18-month-old daughter.  Our Sunday ride was a great opportunity for her to pedal with an experienced bike commuter and get tips on how to be safe on the road and also carrying one's "stuff".  I hope I wasn't too overbearing as an instructor but it was great fun to be showing my cousin what I had learned during the last few years bike commuting.  We stopped by Absolute Bike and looked at several bikes and discussed the pros and cons of each, and I pointed out helpful upgrades like bells, headlights and  bike racks that I can't imagine doing without. 

Above all, when we returned home we logged on to SRAB (Angie already is a regular reader) and I directed her to the links to all the blogs I regularly read and encouraged her to visit them for further ideas about bikes, accessories, riding with kids and road safety.  By the time Angie left for the Valley she said she had a better idea of what she was looking for in a bike and planned to start searching Craig's List for her perfect bike.  I can't wait to see what she ends up with.