Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flattery and Motivation and Other Stuff

I received a nice plug earlier this week from Jackie Dishner who authors the blog BIKE With Jackie, a motivational blog that documents Jackie's experiences overcoming life obstacles and discovering opportunities through BIKE.  Jackie defines BIKE as mental and a way of being but first began connecting the dots of positive change while using her bicycle as part of her healing from a life changing event.  I was extremely flattered that Jackie thought my blog might have something worthwhile to offer her readers.  I wonder often if my blog is just an exercise in self-indulgence.  After all, I'm pretty much as much of a mess as the next person.  What could I possibly have to share that is of any real benefit to anyone?  I definitely appreciate reading that what I'm putting out there might be of some value to another person.  One thing that is constantly being reinforced to me from reading other blogs and the commentary is that we're all pretty much made from the same stuff to one degree or another.

Off the Bike, On the Water, and In the Sun

Heavy, persistent monsoon rains have been with us for the last few weeks making our high mountain desert climate seem more like cloudy, wet Pacific Northwest.  As a result, I 've been on the bike a little less, car pooling instead to work with Bob.  Thursday, though, we enjoyed a sunny day and decided to take advantage of the dry, warm conditions and go to Lake Mary where Bob would practice open water swimming for his upcoming Louisville Ironman while I paddle behind him in the kayak.

Bob recently competed in the Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon also held at Lake Mary, where he swam 750 meters.  Open water swims tend to be the most intimidating part of triathlons from what I'm told and Bob felt he needed the extra practice getting comfortable in murky, choppy water. 

We purchased an on sale kayak a few weeks ago at Dick's Sporting Goods so he could push himself a little further with each swim while having the knowledge rescue is close by if he gets in over his head (no pun intended).

Here is Bob at the Mountain Man in his wet suit . . . .

and here he is pre-race, setting up his bike at the staging area.

Bob, post-race with medal . . .

The Kestrel was a big change from his commuter bike, needing considerable adjustment and refinement, especially with respect to the aerobar attachments (the whole system is called a "Profile Cobra Carbon Cockpit").    I won't even get into the issues related the saddle . . . .  Anyway, we're taking the Kestrel to the Valley next weekend to have it disassembled and shipped to the 'Ville and reassembled for the Ironman.  Apparently, triathlons are a high maintenance sport.  Of course, not one to be left out, I've considered purchasing a folding bike to take along with us so that I can easily follow Bob (off course, naturally) and document his challenge.  It's a pretty big deal for him because he is competing in honor of his father, who has Multiple Sclerosis.  Bob fundraising for MS, with a goal of raising $3000.  Here's a link to his fundraising page if you are interested in supporting a cure for MS.


m e l i g r o s a said...

a little get-away vacation is always much needed, kayaking+fundraising+bob+you and lakes = super!!
much luv from SF xxo.m

BIKE LADY said...

I think what your blog illustrates how to live life, to get out there and do it. Whatever it is. That's inspiring to me. And, of course, I love your photos. :-)

Thanks for visiting my space. I'll be back to visit more of yours.

Beany said...

Today I encountered a very rare breed on my way home: a female commuter. We chatted and the encounter made me so incredibly happy. So less alone. And I realize why I love all you lady bloggers: because it inspires me, motivates me, makes me feel less of a freak, less alone, and part of a warm, wonderful community.So keep riding, keep writing.

She Rides a Bike said...

Beany, what nice thing to remind me of. I've always felt like a bit of an outsider myself so I also appreciate being part of a community of like minded people who aren't afraid of being different.