Monday, August 16, 2010

Clips of Faith - Bike-in Movie Date

The Planner Guy and I went to Clips of Faith, a bike-in movie and fundraiser for Flagstaff Biking Organization sponsored by New Belgium Brewing.  Attendees could purchase tokens for tastes of various New Belgium beers, including the new Lips of Faith brews.  The film was a compilation of 20 film shorts about beer, bikes sustainability, simple living and whimsy, shown under the stars at Thorpe Park.

Here Bob and I pedaled in on a frequently used urban trail route through Ponderosa Trails. I wore my favorite Ann Taylor cardigan and a new pair of modern fit straight cut jean from Eddie Bauer, my new favorite jeans.

And Handsome Bob.

Tents for libation and Bigfoot BBQ!

One of our lovely beer mistresses and a Clips of Faith Patron.

Bicyclists with that special fashion je ne sais quoi.  Very Mountain Town Cycle Chic.

And Martin, Flagstaff Bike Czar loved by all volunteering at one of the beer booths.

We found a spot to sit and enjoy pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches and some of the best dill potato salad we've ever tasted.

And Bob, with beer in hand and a mountain  in the foreground.

Shortly before the beginning of the start of the movie, the Clips of Faith logo on the screen.  We found a nice comfy spot to sit near the screen and enjoyed really funny, inspiring, creative shorts.  Regrettably, the warm August day fooled me into forgetting how much the temperature drops when the sun goes down.  Note to self:  carry We neglected pack a blanket and some wool socks to this Friday's Prairie Home Companion show at Pine Mountain Amphitheater.