Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More on No Problem Bike Parking

Why is this man smiling?  Perhaps because he knows he can get to where he want to be in downtown Flagstaff on time and hassle free because he is on a bike?

Here's bike parking at an always packed pedestrian area just off Route 66 right in the heart of the historic downtown.    Bikes are locked up and down the area and into the alleys that run on either side of it.  No parking for cars is provided because the pedestrian area is designed for people mixing and mingling over coffee, beer, dinner, and shopping.  The bikes add to the friendly, casual and fun atmosphere in a way that cars simply can't compete match.

Last weekend, Bob and I were traveled on our bike down here to a restaurant just outside the alley on San Francisco, Criollo Latin Kitchen.  Locked our bikes half a block down the street outside the Rendevous where we stopped first for drinks before dinner.  Parking was at a premium that night but not for us since all we needed was the nearest bike rack of free sign post.

Criollo has been open several months and the food is wonderful.  I ordered catfish tacos with black beans and rice, while Bob had skewered shrimp with mango chutney. 

For the occasion, I went off the supermodel diet and decided to eat the entire meal.  Cindy Crawford's position as the reigning supermodel over 40 still safe but the catfish tacos were well worth it.  Being that I had a 5 mile bike ride back home following dinner, though, I didn't feel the least guilty about cleaning my plate anyway.