Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What We Saw From the Front Porch and the Balcony of the Weatherford

First we saw this:

Then Bob got on the phone and described the scene to his parents, while the Jade-Dog watched the unfolding scene in awe.

Then we hopped on our bikes and went here:

Next we went here:

And did this:

We sat on the balcony and observed the merriment in downtown Flagstaff as the huge smoke plumb continued to expand overhead.
In between staring at the smoke monster looming overhead, Bob and I worked out the Tweed Ride route for this coming Friday's ride. We thought this would make a nice stop. Hope the fire is out by then and everyone is safe and can enjoy the ride. If you live near or plan to be in Flagstaff, please join us. Visit Flagstaff Tweed for details.