Monday, June 28, 2010

Tweedy Weekend Getaway

I'll return to more highlights from this past Friday night's Tweed Ride in a day or two but for now I'll digress to Bob and my post ride doings. The previous Saturday, Bob suggested that after the Tweed we spend the night at the landmark Hotel Monte Vista in downtown Flagstaff. Oh, yippy! I'd been wanting an excuse to stay at the Monte V. Staying downtown would be a mini holiday and allow us to enjoy our evening without worrying about the hassle of a long bike commute home after a night of drinking.

I checked us into the hotel about an hour before I had to be at Altitudes Bar and Grill to meet and greet the Tweed riders. I must say our room, which once Debbie Reynolds slept, was pinker than any room I thought possible. Startlingly pink but gratefully cast an attractive light on to my face. Here I am attired for the Tweed.

And here Bob and I are much later in the evening, after the ride, after a few tall New Belgiums, and eternally grateful that we had rented a room and hadn't very far to walk our bikes.

We slept later than usual in our very pink room, until about 9 a.m., practically all day for us. I must say for an old hotel in the heart of a busy downtown, our room was remarkably quite. When we got back to the hotel after the ride, despite the noise in the hall, once we shut our door, all was quiet.

A good morning starts with a good breakfast, which we decided to do at La Bellavia, 18 South Beaver. La Bellavia is a whole in the wall that's great for people watching, given its proximity to the University and the bohemian patrons of Macy's European Coffee House, next door. We had a great view of it all. Although the outdoor seating was full, we lucked out an got a table in a nook under a large window at the front of the restaurant and watched a parade of bikes, dogs, hipsters and foreign tourists passing us on the sidewalk. The interior is cozy too, with rotating displays of locally produced art for sale on the walls.
Soon though our attention fell completely on Eggs Benedict and blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Lots of coffee.
And turkey sausage and OJ. And coffee.

After breakfast we repacked our bikes with our panniers and garment bag from the night before. We had never used the 2-year old garment bag, specially designed for bike commuting, that we purchased on-line from Nashbar when we first began our "experiment" in biking to work and thinking we would change from lycra in to regular clothes every morning. Anyway, the garment bag was a perfect fit, hooking easily to Bob's rear bike rack and accommodating everything we wore on the Tweed Ride the night before. Remarkably, despite how loaded down with filled bags we were, the ride home was very easy, even under the increasingly strong sun. I wondered if I just wasn't carrying as much as I thought or if my legs had actually gotten stronger.

When we arrived home I was gratified that Bob, whose Ironman training schedule was interrupted by his willingness to cater to my Tweed Ride plans, announced that the previous evening and morning breakfast had been a lot of fun. We were both exhausted though, as much from the thrill of a successful fundraiser as from the physcial activity. After collecting the little dog, Jade, from our friends Erika and Todd we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the front porch and congratulating ourselves on fun well done.