Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrating Warmer Weather and a Flowing Scarf

Celebrating the first warm morning of the year in Flagstaff. By warm I mean no need for gloves or leggings under my skirt required.

Perfect weather greeted my short morning ride to work.
My hair and scarf flowing behind as I pedal forward.
Ended the day with a hilly 8-mile ride to the Habitat Restore on 4th Street where the Habitat Family Selection Committee was meeting for further review of applications for the next building phase. The process of selecting a family to partner with on a home is emotionally exhausting and mentally challenging. Luckily we have a pretty diverse group on our family section committee, which leads to much needed discussion about why or why not an individual or family should move forward in the selection or wait and reapply during the next cycle.

The June 25 Tweed Ride in downtown Flagstaff is being held in support of the upcoming building phase, which will realize the home for the family with whom we select for partnership. Expect to read about the progress Habitat and I are making on that ride, as well as our private partners who are helping to make the event a success.


judy said...

Must be nice to ride to work without gloves or leggings. I'm still riding with both,haha.
I wish I could install a bottle holder on my Pashley. It'd be so handy in warm weather!

M and G said...

Looks like a great day!
We went from snow to 90's here in Denver. It almost seems as if spring got skipped over.

m e l i g r o s a said...

i see smiles, i see legs and lots of green :D so pretty!

cycler said...

I wish we had a Re-store in my area- My parents and brother keep telling me about things they've found there.
I'm already missing cooler weather- It was muggy and hot here today with incredible thunderstorms.

helmet hair 365 said...

I wish it was still cool where I am-- I am not a fan of the heat and humidity of summer.