Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bike Date at Cuvee 928 (Wine Bar and Cafe)

A warm Saturday night means the Planner Guy and Karen on either side of a cribbage board. This night we decided to take our match to downtown Flagstaff and Cuvee Wine Bar and Grill, a favorite spot for al fresco sipping and people watching.

Artisan cheeses and a slightly chilled Napa Merlot are just the necessary snack when one is about to trounce or be trounced.

As for people watching, we were not to be disappointed. This Pucci print inspired group sat just inside Cuvee enjoying a light dinner and drink before moving on to the Adult Prom at the Orpheum. It's quite a shame they weren't arriving by bicycle; what an entrance that would make. The woman on the left laughed that she'd never be able to bike in her white platform boots but I'd certainly love to try. I didn't have time to convince her though since it was my crib and turn to deal.

With 35 years of cribbage under my belt, much under the tutelage of the master cribbage player, mon grand pere, it is no surprise that I was victorious. I never gloat, however, instead preferring romantic dawdling over our remaining wine as night fell. When we finally collected our bikes at the rack in front of Hertiage Square, it was quite obvious many others had the same idea for how to spend such a balmy Flagstaff evening. Date night on a bike.

Of course, romance does not have to preclude safety. I tested my new Planet Bike red blinker light.