Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Most Wonderful Week of the World!

Well, I wouldn't say I live for Bike to Work Week but I do enjoy it a hell of a lot, beginning with the Bike Swap on Heritage Square downtown and the accompanying parade. Wheeling and dealing of all things bikes - vintage Schwinns, townie cruisers, trailers for hauling kids, puppies and just your general stuff, and of course bike components of every sort.

For bicycling enthusiasts the Bike Swap and parade is the place to be on the Sunday morning ushering in Bike to Work Week. For many the parade is an excuse for silly dressing up to rival that of your 4-year-old daughter who still posses the confidence to mix strips, florals and animal prints (and what girl doesn't long to return to those days?). Dads are known to get into the act, too.

For others, mostly men, the parade is the perfect opportunity for displaying one's inner goof ball engineer. Give these guys any combination of bike components, a garage, tools and buddies with beer and they'll come up a hot rod bike for sure. I have to admire their industry.

On the other hand, some people just enjoy the chance to put on a gorilla suit and pedal a unicycle. To each his own.


Velouria said...

Bike swap and parade! I wish we had that here!

Bliss Chick said...

Oooh, a parade! Great idea! Our bike swap is a month earlier, but adding a parade sounds fantastic! You Flagstaff folks are so groovy!

J said...

If you enjoyed Bike to Work Week, why not consider taking the Car-Free Challenge June 1 through June 7? For more information, check out

Camilla said...

Just would like to assert the right of females to express their inner goof-ball engineer... the only thing stopping me is my complete lack of welding skills. As yet.
Love the kid with a cape! Great pics, great event by the looks of it

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