Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flagstaff Tweed Report Part I

Who says the little mountain town doesn't care about style?!

Over 45 riders participated in Flagstaff's very first Tweed Ride on May 17. Mia's Tavern was the place to be at 6 p.m. last night when the most fashionable among Flagstaff pedaling set displayed their own unique take on retro English biking chic. Tweed vests met Teva water sandals and natty biking caps combined with frilly lace necklines.

Oh, the fashions!

So debonair!
The camera loves Maggie and Will.

Ladies of Tweed. Notice the sunglasses tucked on the head. You can never be caught without sunglasses in Arizona. Or your identification but I didn't ask.

Flagstaff prides itself on diversity, which of course extends to choice of bikes. Mountain bikes dominated, of course but road bikes, modern cruisers, vintage townie bikes, fixte gear, and even a tandem all gave bragging rights to someone.

Ray (above, right), who organized this first Flagstaff ride, took us on a route through downtown up to Thorpe Park where we were happily met by the ice cream man! What could be better than bicycles and an unplanned meet up with the ice cream truck? I wondered if the driver had the inside scoop (yes, that was a pun). It just seemed a little too coincidental. Oh, well. As long as I can get an ice cream sandwich, who cares?

A group shot of Flagstaff's inaugural Tweed Ride.

Pedaling back downtown. Happy and ready for dinner and drinks.

At dusk from the patio of the newly opened Lumberyard.

Full bike racks at Lumberyard. Finally, Flagstaff Tweed riders were more than happy to support the local economy.