Sunday, May 9, 2010

Date Night: Romance Meets Bike Safety!

Regular readers of SRAB might recall that the Planner Guy and I have a special somthin'-somethin' going on with Sushi Fuji, now all rolled up like a yummy maki roll with Teppan Fuji. Lately, the Friday night ritual consists of the veggie special roll, yakisoba noodles, the albacore special, and (Bob's favorite!)the saki bomber/saporo. Despite heavier than usual traffic associated with university graduation we decided to take to streets on our bikes and enjoy the evening stars on the way home.

Every week I tell myself that I must remember to photograph what we ordered. Really, everything they bring to the table is so artfully created. And delicious. Friday night was no different. I was half way through my lovely maki roll before I realized that once again, I had failed to take a picture of our meal. I did, however, get a few shots of our sushi chefs since we ate at the bar.

We left Teppan Fuji well after dark and we came prepared for it. Headights, red blinky things, reflective tape, and bright colors. That's how you get noticed, all right! Bob has been getting a lot of wear out of his school bus yellow AdventureWear jacket. As you can see, the color is pretty hard to miss, which is exactly why I purchased it for him.