Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As Seen at the Target Bike Rack: Art Meets Bike

She stepped stepped off her cruiser, locking it to a bright red post. Her eyes met mine. I tried not to stare. Her look spoke the proud defiance of an artist who cannot be contained. "Yeah, I wrapped my bike in neon tape! So, what!"

Well, I went to art school, too! Is it just me or are the diagonal shadows kind of cool?


CynthiaC54 said...

I love it!! Given enough dings, I can see that happening to a couple of bikes around here!

Oldfool said...

That would be a person that's worth knowing OR too strange to deal with. There is no one too strange for me to deal with especially if they painted a bike like that. Is it starting to sound like that I like that bike.

hawthorn said...

I have to say that I rather like the customising, but the rider must have had some negative comments before so was expecting them again, and yes those shadows are definitely diagonal and definitely cool!