Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Riding . . . I Mean Winter - Yeah, I Mean Spring Riding . . .

Though according to the calendar we have edged past mid-April, the feeling of winter returned with Flagstaff with a snow storm that obscured the view of the San Francisco Peaks that I normally enjoy. I'm not bitter but I would have appreciated the snow had it fallen in sufficient amounts to provide good cross country skiing at 7000 feet (although it is still aplenty at 8300). Alas, it was hardly an inch of coverage, cold, wet and windy.

Would things warm up enough to soak up some vitamin D on the back patio this weekend?

Regardless, I've been back to pedaling into work regularly for several weeks and decided now was not the time to fall victim to a little snow. Not one to intentionally venture out on a bicycle in inclimate weather, I decided to throw caution to the wind, forget that I don't have studded tires, and bike up to work anyway. Baby steps. One can successfully overcome mental barriers in small increments. By next winter I should be a pro at pedaling through in snow who doesn't flinch with less than a foot covering the path.

Naturally, appropriate footwear was in order. Tevas.

My morning commute sparkled bright and a crisp light breeze blew snow crystals through my hair . Other than the frozen slush cracking and crunching beneath my tires all seemed peaceful and quiet. I noticed black ice on Pulliam Drive and decided the passing autos were in more danger of skidding out than me so my attention focused on a mallard ducking his head beneath the water in the small pond just off the path. I would not have noticed the little guy had a been in the Element and decided it was indeed a Happy Friday, despite the winter weather.

Tomorrow's weather prediction? A high of 59.