Monday, March 15, 2010

Surprise! Tweed Has Hit Arizona!

I had hoped the Flagstaff Tweed Ride benefitting Habitat for Humanity would be the very first Tweed ride in Arizona but too late, we've been bested. Phoenix and Tucson got there before we did. Perhaps we can be the first Tweed Ride for a really good cause (other than recruiting more smartly dressed bike commuters, that is).

The second Tweed ride organizing meeting took place Monday evening at The Green Room and I'm happy to report it was one well attended gathering. Joining Habitat board members Rand Jenkins and me were our Executive Director Francis Mazza; artist, back country skier and Floodplain Inspector David McKee; City of Flagstaff Multimodal Transportation Coordinator Martin Ince; Flagstaff Bicycle Organization members David Needham and Ray Walker, and Green Room general manager Jeremy Balaba. With so many creative minds huddled around one table it's little wonder that when I left the meeting two hours later my fears about organizing a successful Tweed ride and fundraiser had been replaced with giddy excitement. Oh, the possibilities!

We are looking at three stops downtown for food and drink, a ride through and urban and park-like setting, live music, an art auction, and hopefully bike raffle. The ulimate goals for me are raising awareness of and monies for the next Habitat homes in Flagstaff (we are now in the family selection process) and promoting biking as a means of getting you where you want to go - not just to work but to the local pub, as well.

Flagstaff Biking Organization has decided to organize a Tweed ride on Monday, May 16 to kick off Bike to Work Week. I'm looking forward to working to pool our efforts to make both events successful.

Helping to fuel my excitement, I celebrated the ice-free streets and urban trail by biking to work this morning. Chilly though it was, it truly felt like a spring morning as I was able to pedal in with my leather jacket open and only by fur lined mittens rather than my heavy NorthFace ski gloves. Since I could ride the entire way (less than a mile) on my the urban trail I decided to ride without the helmet and not spoil the perfectly good hair day. Maybe I will be able to survive 8 months without skiing . . .


Dottie said...

Yay for getting back to the bike commute!

Sounds like you are planning an awesome event with that group of people helping. Go you!

bikeolounger said...

Hmmm...tweed ride, eh? It still sounds like fun. I hope you are able to raise LOTS of funding for Habitat, too!

I don't have the panache to get away with tweed knickers, though I respect those who can. Maybe when I'm "of a certain age" I'll be able to do that.

In the mean time, I'll settle for riding a tweed ride, should one occur near me, in a wool kilt (with appropriate undergarments, of course).

Bliss Chick said...

I'm not missing skiing quite yet because I'm loving the clear roads!

Congrats on the planning ! Hope all the details come together nicely. I'll stay tuned, since I'm hoping to organize a group ride in Bozeman. Don't think tweed would really go over here. Costumes, however . . .

m e l i g r o s a said...

yay!! cant wait to see the outcome :D

RidingPretty said...

Wonderful to see this Tweed Ride in Flagstaff happening! I can't wait to see the invite/flyer you come up with for your even;) In the meantime I will be linking to you here in this post from The Tweed Report until you have get something else set up for your ride info and details.

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