Saturday, March 20, 2010

She Rides a Bike to a Tweed Ride Meeting

Planning the Tweed ride has become my obsession and today I met my friend Gail, an events planner, at Macy's European Coffee House and Bakery to bounce ideas off her over lunch. Habitat for Humanity Flagstaff Executive Director Francis Mazza joined us to explore the Habitat fundraising arm of the event. I have not done any events planning since undergraduate school so I am grateful to Gail for offering her time and expertise.

Since Macy's is right around the corner from the shipping container house, I decided to swing by check out the progress of construction. No doubt the heavy and frequent winter snow has slowed work down but I was pleased the house taking shape as all the windows seem to have been installed. The shipping container house is on its way to becoming someone's home.

And Just Something that Made Me Laugh . . .

The Planner Guy and I were having drinks at The Wine Loft (17 N. San Francisco, downtown) a couple of weeks back. Sitting at the bar we noticed this humorous note posted under the wine list. Yes, Arizona's state legislature thought that while they were busy resolving our budget woes by gutting healthcare for disadvantaged children they might as well pass a bill allowing guns in bars. Not surprisingly, some bar owners still believe guns and alcohol aren't a good mix. Thank you, Wine Loft.

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RidingPretty said...

Good the planning has started for your Tweed Ride!So looking forward to the invite that you and your co-planners design and come up with. I really want to collect 'Tweed Ride Spokes Cards' and add yours to my collection!

p.s I also love seeing the progression of the container house. Nice.