Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday's Highlights and Errands

When I say Saturday highlights, I mean that in the hair and makeup kind of way. I scheduled 9a.m. highlights with Paul at Shear Irony Salon (15 w. Hunt Ave., 86001) for this morning. Again, traveling straight into the head wind, I left the house this morning at 8:15 in order to accommodate the extra effort and time it would take to get there. Upon my arrival, Paul looked up from his People magazine (no doubt, I interrupted the sad tale of Sandra and Jessie)and shook his head. "You rode all the way in from Ponderosa Trails at this hour?" It's Saturday, sunny, and Bob needed the Element, so of course I pedaled. And the trip is only 5 miles.

Soon foil covered by head and the usually client-stylist topics of conversation commenced: how's work?; how are the men in our lives/; opinion on healthcare reform; opinion on Sandra and Jessie; opinion on Mariah Cary; my crush on Daniel Craig; Paul's crush on Hugh Jackman; and our mutual agreement that Tyne Diggs is a stunning man. Since I would be riding home wearing my Nutcase helmet, Paul applied only the lightest of styling products before the blow dry in order to minimize helmet head. Thank you, Paul.

Just before I left, another customer, overhearing a reference to my blog, asked me about blogging and mentioned that she bike commutes but struggles with hair, makeup, and worry about working up a sweat before work. I told her about the fashion-bike commuting genre of blogs and explained to her I avoided pre-work perspiration by pedaling slowly and wearing moisture wicking fabrics whenever possible. Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity to promote the May 16 and June 18 Tweed rides in downtown Flagstaff.

My next appointment was at Late for the Train for coffee with Ray to discuss webhosting for the Tweed rides. I arrived first and snagged the last table, a coffee, and a raisen bran muffin. Ray arrived, also on his bike, a nifty old red Schwinn with cruiser handlebars, his laptop in hand. He gave me a tour of what he has been doing on-line to promote other rides, all of which somehow escaped my radar, including a series of sprint rides. Ray will have the bones of the website at the next April 5 Habitat-Tweed ride meeting at the Green Room.

And this is Ray and his bike. And no, I don't know if he has a girlfriend but I do know that he has 8 bicycles.