Monday, March 29, 2010

Front Porch Season Has Begun

Well, Front Porch sitting season has officially begun at the Bob and Karen home with both of us parked in our respective comfy chairs, our elevated feet covered with blankets, and our laptops open and powered up. With glasses of red (box) wine close at hand and the puppy-chows at our feet this will be our usual post-work, post-run, post-bike place for unwinding and documenting our day.

While I focused on planning my outfits for the May 16 and June 18 Tweed rides (more on that later), the Running Bob was out this weekend in search of a small laptop after throwing in the towel with his 10-year-old desktop. He came home Saturday afternoon with a mini-Dell and has been glued to it ever since, as he prepares his blogs for his fundraising endeavor - the National MS Society's Kentucky/ SE Indiana Chapter through the Janus Charity Challenge. Bob's fundraising challenge is in conjunction with his Louisville (KY) Ironman. (See Ironman Question for more details.) Between the June Habitat Tweed ride and his Ironman we hope to raise a lot of monies for good causes.

Now back to the Tweed ride outfit . . . . I know what I'm after but don't yet know how to put it together so for now I'm just picking up a few pieces from some boutiques and vintage clothing stores in downtown Flagstaff and seeing what materializes. Two rides, two outfits. Seems reasonable. Of course, it is impossible for me to shop for clothes for one event without purchasing something completely unnecessary, especially when I find it for a good price. Mountain Sports (24 N. San Francisco) is having a sale and despite the fact that Patagonia is not very tweedy I found myself leaving with a dress (currently at the seamstress) and this scarf from Ojai. I justify the purchase as it was only $19 and, given how chilly Flagstaff can be on summer evenings, I am sure that I can wear it year round. And I love it. The little green cardigan is my new favorite Target find. At only $22 I picked up three.

I will wear this classic, black beret at one of the Tweed rides. I like this one in particular because it is not too big, holds its shape and has a black leather band at the rim. This one I found at InCahoots (9 E. Aspen Avenue) for only $15. The last time I priced a beret of this quality on-line it was over $50. The beret will go much further than the Tweed rides and I'll wear it most of the year. Is it just me or does the beret make you just really want a black Dutch bike. Darn it! Just when I had stopped obsessing about the Oma!

And here's some cycling progressives this past Sunday on Heritage Square registering people to vote and speaking with members of the community about state and federal legislative issues.