Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Flagstaff Tweed Ride Moves Forward!!

I threatened some months ago to organize a Tweed ride and it is indeed moving forward as a "soft" fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Flagstaff, whose Board I am a member. Our first planning meeting is schedule for Monday, March 8 at 5:30 p.m. at The Green Room. There, I've written it so I must follow through. Isn't putting it in writing half the battle?

As I await the meeting, I'll be reviewing other blogs researching Tweed rides. I am particularly interested in first-time events and any Tweed rides tied to fundraising. I've never organized a fundraiser before so I need ideas and inspiration. Asking people for money during economically challenging times isn't easy so first I want to invite people to have fun.

My husband worries that my Tweed ride "audience" might be very particular, already bike commuting enthusiasts like me but I wonder if other Tweed rider organizers or participants have found that to be the case?

So, three short paragraphs begging my readers to PLEASE SEND ME YOUR COLLECTIVE WISDOM to make the first Flagstaff Tweed ride and Habitat fundraiser a pedaling success. The future of bike commuting in Flagstaff, Arizona could depend on it. Speedy progress toward the next Habitat home could, as well.


Trisha said...

Good luck organizing your first ride! It is so much fun and should be great. :) Can't wait to see the pictures. In my (very limited) ride organizational experience, you will get people of all experience levels to ride along with you.

Bliss Chick said...

Haven't organized one before, but here are a few thoughts:

--We need fun events like this in this economic climate. Helps keep us all positive.

--Adults are loving costume/dress-up events these days.

--Funnel your energy into the FUN aspect of this instead of being apologetic about the tough times.

--It's because times are tough that we need organizations like Habitat. Giving people a hand up makes a huge difference.

All the best as you put together the details!

Cyclin' Missy said...

I would say that Trisha and Dottie (Let's Go Ride a Bike) are a great knowledge resource.

I believe that Cupcakerator (dot wordpress dot com) also organized a tweed ride in Grand Rapids, MI this year. She's moved to Chicago since, but that doesn't matter. She'd be a good person to contact, too!

SushiK said...


A few thoughts that will hopefully help:

*Make sure to explain what a Tweed Ride is to people who don't know. Otherwise people may feel like it isn't for them because they don't "get it."

*For fundraisers, sponsorships are the way to make money. Get a few businesses (or people) to donate $50/100/200 or more and then thank them lots in public ways when you promote/host your event. Ideas for sponsors: bike shops, second-hand clothing shops (that sell tweed stuff!), your local Health Department and health/bicycling organizations.

*Ask participants to donate on a sliding scale $5-15 or something reasonable.

*Choose a short, easy, leisurely route on mellow roads to get the most folks to participate.

*See if you can get an artist or graphic designer friend to design an eye-catching poster.

*As Bliss Chick noted, emphasize the fun aspect of participating more than the "you should do this, it's good for you and our city" aspect of it.

I look forward to hearing more about the planning and the ride itself!

RidingPretty said...

When you've got a date set I'd love to add it to The Tweed Report--- it's a running list and calendar of Tweed Rides that I keep maintained. There's a current list of ride dates on my side bar as well.

Some other organizers of Tweed Rides haves left comments on The Tweed Report which you may find helpful! Check it out ;)

imaginarybicycle said...

No advice but best luck! It sounds like a wonderful idea.

Emma J

RidingPretty said...

I've been keeping in touch with some of the other Tweed Ride organizers with upcoming rides. Here's an idea you may want to steal or create something somewhat akin...anyway 'hot of the presses'- they are creating an original Tweed inspired art work. They will raffle it off, with raffle tickets offered online - paypal style.
Whatever you end up doing let me know and I will devote a post to you!

SiouxGeonz said...

Make sure you communicate a *lot.*
Here, our bike club and Habitat were going to do a fundraising ride... we did lots of work with the routes and publicity, but just before the event Habitat decided it wasn't confident enough in the turnout so they canceled it. Apparently we were supposed to have inferred this would happen since there weren't a lot of advance registrations (here, bike culture shows up day of).

Infared said...

I've been doing my part to get the word out about the Flag Tweed Ride, but information is seriously lacking.
Is it still a fundraiser for Habitat?
Is it still on Monday, May 17?
I'm VERY excited and can think of a few clever ways to recruit participants... Let me know if you want a hand!

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