Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Follow Through Sunday

It's easy to say "I'm gonna do this" and "I want to do that" but often I don't pony up with action. Challenged by Bob to actually follow through with good intentions, I pulled out the skis on Sunday morning and explored possible cross country routes to and from work. I really have no excuse not to; relatively flat open space on both sides of Pulliam goes nearly from my front door to the airport entrance and it's less than a mile.

As the Planner Guy had to buy some new tires for the Element, I decided to do the route mapping on my own. Getting out by myself would allow me to practice descending and climbing hill without feeling self-conscious that I was slowing my more experienced husband and our friends up and I could fall and struggle to pull myself up without feeling humiliated.

I spent 3 hours skiing by myself, only occasionally chatting with dog walkers, one of whom offered me suggestions on areas for good skiing in and around the airport. The practice left me feeling much more confident, having successfully descended several long but gentle slopes without falling or feeling all a-panic. My conclusion, as I removed my skis in front of the entrance of my neighborhood, was that I would likely arrive at work too sweaty to ski in, but that I could easily carry my skis and poles with me in the Element when Bob drops me off in the morning and ski out at the end of the day. Since I can often flex my hours to leave work at 4 or 4:30p.m., I'll have extra time to enjoy one of the longer routes rather than going straight home.

I'm excited about my discovery. Just because weather conditions inhibit bike commuting doesn't mean I need to break my resolve and become a slave to the car. I live in a community where it snows and I'm surrounded by forest. We might be in a severe recession (regardless of what Larry Summers tells us) but I have the good fortune of being in a community with snow. I might not be able to afford Aspen or Vail but I can cope with economic insecurity by taking advantage of what is right in my own backyard. The Coconino National Forest. Luckily for me, my boss is an avid skier and in full support of my new found enthusiasm for skiing as a form or transport.

On a happy bike-note, after two days in a row that required the car, I rode the Breezer to and from work today. Nice ride and just in time, too. A weather bulletin was sent to us today with notification of a series of snow storms next week with the potential of dropping 3 - 4 feet of snow by the time it all ends. Luckily for me, I have alternatives to both the car and my bike.


Cyclin' Missy said...

That's really cool! It sounds like a blast skiing home from work through a national forest. I wish I had an option like that.

By the way, you are looking thin and healthy. You look great!

MamaVee said...

That rocks. The idea of skiing home from work is such a dream to me ( urban streets get clears as do sidewalks ( although sometimes sidewalks not consistantly and if they were all snowy I could just snowshoe...). I think this will be a lovely end to your day. I agree that you'd be sweaty in seconds as x-country is a good workout.