Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabin Fever and a Break in the Weather

With the snowplows working overtime, our street was fairly passable so after a breakfast of homemade chocolate chip cookies (I baked late last night at the Planner Guy's request) we headed to the gym for a work out. Running outside or biking were both out of the question unless we wanted to simply take our life in our hands. The roads were covered with slush and ice and were very narrow due to the snow banks on either side of the road.

Walking on the side of busy Beulah Boulevard looked pretty dangerous to me, especially as many of the cars were traveling faster than appropriate for the conditions.

Sidewalks on commercial street appeared to be the holding ground for plowed snow so pedestrians had little choice but to either walk in the street or climb over the snowbank - and considering that many snowbanks were up to 5 feet high, I wouldn't advise doing so without snow shoes and gaiters.

I didn't see a single cyclist on the road on route to or from the gym. With the amount of snow we experienced and more possibly on the way next week, I don't expect to be on my bike in quite some time. Luckily, I have skis to distract me.

After returning from the gym in the late morning, Bob suggested we relax with a fire and Netflicks for a few hours before heading to a trail head to the Coconino National Forest, just across the street from our neighborhood. Excellent idea, and at 4:30 we walked through the tunnel-like sidewalks to cross at Pulliam, which was still quite treacherous with snow. Soon we were sidestepping in our skis up a snowbank to start down the trail and into the snow covered woods, which resembled a whipped cream forest. Utterly beautiful.

We were pleased to find another skier had already cut a trail in the deep snow, making a journey a bit less taxing. We could easily glide over and focus our attention on the arctic beauty around us.

A snow covered clearing and dramatic skyscape.

A gentle uphill trek.

The airport beacon station or, as my husband often suggests, a beacon for the mothership.

Almost like being in Candyland.

Darkness began to descend upon us as we headed home but I could see the bright snow brought to mind the possibility of night skiing with friends followed by wine and cheese in the near future.

Tomorrow I anticipate sunny skies and I intend to cut a path to and from work. Why drive when I can ski?


Sox said...

Beautiful pictures.
I'd love to ski to work but there is no 'off-road' way to do that. Enjoy!

bikeolounger said...

I love that last line: "Why drive when I can ski?" Wonderful sentiment.

Sadly, a lot of "Amurrikens" get it backwards, and say, "Why ski/bike/walk when I can drive?"

imaginarybicycle said...

You've inspired me. After years thinking "I really ought to try cross-country skiing" I'm going to - next weekend! Have fun trail-blazing - in more sense than one!