Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visit to Another Mountain Town(s) - Part 2

The first day and a half spent in Mountain Village, Planner Guy and I jumped on the gondola yesterday for a walk around the Town of Telluride, a historic mining town, now a bohemian ski community. While Mountain Village's European architecture lends itself the feeling of a Swiss mountain community, Telluride very much harkens back to the the American old west, complete with the proper Victorian homes of the day. For my Louisville, Kentucky readers, think the Highlands or Crescent Hill with the San Juan mountains in the very near background. Quite a sight, indeed.

This being a bike commuting blog, I get straight to the point. Immediately upon exiting the gondola station, it became quite apparent that Telluride enjoys quite the bike culture - and I don't just mean mountain bikes. Old mountain townie bikes were locked up aplenty outside the station, which had several bike racks set around the bike patio area. A very good sign.

We strolled around town for a bit and happened upon Easy Rider, located at 200 W. Colorado Street.
As one can see from the photo, their storefront is a bit hard to to miss. Again, I was lured in by the obviously vintage townie bikes. We couldn't resist going inside. With hardly an inch of floor space to spare, owners Jon and Missie have their projects hanging from the ceiling.

The winter season has not quite kicked in at either Mountain Village or Telluride; we hear the winter season begins just before Christmas. I was a little disappointed I didn't get the chance to photograph any bicycles with their owners but Telluride's charming streetscape made the shots just as appealing.

Hungry, we searched look for a place for lunch. With many tantalizing options to choose from we found one recommended to us earlier in the day: Telluride Pizza Kitchen and Bristo (aka TPK by the locals), 142 E. Colorado Street. Cozy, warm and stylish, in a mountain-chic kind of way. I can only say that if this modestly priced, Italian restaurant were located in Flagstaff, my Italian-boy husband swore he would never cook again. We ordered a calimari appetizer and pasta rather than pizza. Each bite was mouth watering. We enoyed a very good house red and finished the meal with perfectly prepared espressos. I apologize for not photographing our entrees, but the aroma was so amazing that as soon as the dishes arrived at our tables we dove in. Priorities, you understand. If we're ever back in T-ride, we'll return. A large group of women (a book group celebrating a birthday) sat at a table in the seating area beneath ours, and they clearly were regular customers.

As I mentioned earlier, Telluride is rather bohemian; everything is very pretty but not without a touch of crumbling elegance, which I always love to see. A little bit kookie? Dog friendly . . .
. . . with, I suspect, a flair for the slightly subversive.

There's nothing subversive about this sight, though. How often today do we see a merchant out sweeping his or her sidewalk? Not really a common sight in my lifetime but definitely a sign of pride of ownership. The business was Baked in Telluride (127 S. Fir Street), if your interested, and if we return this highly recommended little restaurant will be on my list.

Back Up to Mountain Village
Sleepy from carbohydrates and wine, we returned to the gondola station for our trip back up to Mountain Village. A view of Mountain Village from the gondola . . . . rustic but elegant; grand yet intimate at the same time. I think that's what you get when a community is designed for people rather can cars.

A street in the core of Mountain Village. Residences and guest accommodations are above retail, dining and office space.


Beany said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo tour. I enjoy the subversive no matter what point of view. But the brains being washed poster was especially appreciated.

And now I have yet another place to visit during my lifetime.

She Rides a Bike said...

On our way back from Colorado we saw two separate bicyclists on Hwy 160W, both clearly loaded up for a long road trip. They both appeared to be women, too. I thought of you and your recent adventure.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Now that is a town I want to ride around! A little coffee, a little riding... : )

m e l i g r o s a said...

im all about the coffee!
nice post, im enjoyin all the photos and ths bike shop is cute too!