Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bargain Boots and Visit to Another Mountain Town

Third day of work and another pair of boots! Wednesday morning would be test day for my new pair of Bass boots. A few weeks back, the Planner Guy and I stopped at the outlet stores in Anthem on our way back from Phoenix. Bob needed some new dress shoes and the Bass outlet had a buy-1-get-2-for-free sale. Who could walk away from that? Certainly not smart shoppers like us. Bob found two pairs of shoes and I got the boots for free. I picked up the brown tights at the Van Heusen outlet. Very warm and only $8.

My other proud bargain, the cream, corderoy skirt, I picked up in October at Target. Only $20 and very well made with nicely finished seams. My late Grandmother G always said to pay attention to the seams before your purchase. Well finished seams are more of a sign of quality than the store in which it hangs. I'm happy to say I've found some really well made things in Target.

Life Update: Visit to Mountain Village, CO ! And Telluride

Planner Guy and I have been in Mountain Village, Colorado for the last few days. MV sits above Telluride. Although accessible by road, MV and Telluride encourage residents and visitors alike to make the trip between both communities via the gondola, which carries up to 8 passengers. Within MV, one can also move between one side of the town and the other via the chair lift and the chondola, which seats four. Altnerative transportation nerd that I am, I love the gondola and chondola. I haven't been in a car since we got here and haven't needed one.

The gondola/chondola stations are really sharp, too. We had dinner at Cosmopolitan in Telluride last night (great dining and service, BTW) and picked up the gondola at the station up the street from the Mountain Lodge. We were impressed to find a full service grocery store in same complex as the gondola station, which must be very convenient for local employees commuting between Telluride and Mountain Village. It reminded me of the train stations in Vienna that house coffee shops, grocery stores, newstands, and drug stores.
And how about these bus shelters? This is what they look like all over Mountain Village.

More on our visit later.


Dottie said...

Great boots. I can't wear anything but my most heavily insulated snow boots for my commute in the winter, unfortunately. I need to find more stylish insulated boots.

She Rides a Bike said...

So far I've had pretty good luck with my feet staying warm in boots. I've been wearing wool footies over my tights. Last night I wore my Teva Montecito boots with tights, long underwear and insulated socks when we went to dinner in Telluride and felt very comfy all night - it was probably in the single digits outside.

Sox said...

The gondola system is a great idea. I had no idea such transport existed.

RidingPretty said...

Bargains always catch my eye. Looks like you've got a fine eye for good finds. I'm still looking into the Teva boots. As synchronicity would have it my cohabitant is friends with the Teva corp sales rep, but no luck alas with getting a discount on these boots. I like anyone else will have to pay the normal price. Truth be told I would never have lusted after the Tevas had I not discovered them here first.

Your Telluride experience looks like hella fun!