Friday, November 6, 2009

New Bike Love

No, I don't have a new bike and still am passionate about the Breezer Uptown 8 but my eye did wander this week. The story in brief as follows:

The Running Bob
and I visited Absolute Bikes early in the week so that he could reserve his bike rental for this weekends Blue Water Triathlon. As we walked in Bob nodded his head toward a vision of loveliness, a bright red commuter with a chainguard, a sturdy front loading rack, and swept back, European-style handlebars. I tried not run toward it. Be calm. Be cool.

Upon inspection, I saw that it was the Live1 from Specialized Globe series! Oh, how curious I'd been about these. The Live1 Mixt is a 3-speed. A sales guy wandered over and began his pitch. The 3-speed moves remarkable well over Flagstaff's hills so I shouldn't have any problems. But look at the Live2, an 8-speed. My helpful sales guy pointed out the double pronged kick-stand. Truly, I've always wanted one of those.

But I cannot purchase or even think about another bike today, since Christmas is just around the corner and I have plans that must be completed. Besides, Bob needs or simply wants some sort of triathlon worthy bike so that will be our next focus (although I really think he'd look quite handsome on the men's black Uptown 8).

Still, as (the very creepy) Woody Allen would say, "the heart wants what it wants". I logged on to the Globe website to do some looking. Is there anything wrong with that?? What I found was that while the red Live1 is quite pretty, the Live2 Mixt step-through is the real beauty in the family. Chocolate brown elegance. I see me in a tweed skirt, a little fitted jacket and some soft leather gloves pedaling down a country road somewhere in New England, or maybe France! Ah, well. Maybe not today. The weather in Flagstaff was exceptionally good this week (despite the 40 - 50 degree difference between morning and afternoon temperatures) so I pedaled all over this week whenever I could to make up for last weeks inactivity. Besides, Bob wondered if I wouldn't just consider trading in the Expedition and moving up a bit. He, too, was very impressed with the double pronged kickstand and the sturdy front rack.


bikeolounger said...

I agree with you about the Globe bikes--they are very cool commuter rigs. I got to assemble a Live 2 for the Globe Blog program (see: a week or two ago, and that bike ROCKS! If I had room in my garage for another commuter, this one would be on the short list.

sara said...

Ohh, this IS a beautiful bike. I am still in the "family bike" mode-- have two cargo bikes, one that I can ride easily as a single rider. One day, however, I will get a bike JUST FOR ME, no kid passenger seats. I am glad to add this to my list to explore down the road.

Dottie said...

Pretty bike! I really want a red bike :) I'm glad more mainstream bike retailers are selling true commuter bikes, although I find this one to be a bit pricey for what it is. I would be inclined to pay a little bit more for something like a Pashley, Civia or Breezer. Love the rack, fenders, kickstand and internal hub, though.

2whls3spds said...

Just a heads could probably add the double legged kickstand, and possibly the rack to your current bike. I use double legged kickstands on several of my bikes, and none of them came with them from the factory.


Bill said...

"PLETSCHER" makes double legged kickstands...

one source here (shop around for the best price,tho):

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