Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Amsterdam

Like most bike commuting bloggers, I'd love to see my community become the next Portland, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Unfortunately, in Flagstaff this past week everyone seemed to be behind the wheel of a car, including yours truly - I was only on the Breezer twice this week.

Despite the lack of inspiration on the streets, I did run into this young woman window shopping at Aspen Sports, her bright orange cruiser resting on a street tree a few feet away. The scene looked so natural and spontaneous. One doesn't need to think very much about whether to stop at the cafe or the boutique when one is on a bike. No real worries about parking or feeding a meter. As I approached, my eyes zeroed in on her delightful saddlebag. She told me that a relative got it for her in Amsterdam. Pang of jealousy. I stepped in for a close-up and noted that it was waterproof. Her saddlebags was overflowing with "stuff", and I wondered what she carried around with her but thought it gauche to inquire.

I spied her bike bell, too, embellished with the image of a dinosaur.


rcp4 said...

Great color in your photos. Yes, Flagstaff is a wonderful city. Would love to see it become even more bike friendly. I used to ride my back back in the day (70's), when attending NAU.

Emma J said...

Love the color of that bike! And I so agree about the way bike riding enlivens a town, makes stopping in at shops and cafes easy.

I'd think the dryer Southwest would encourage more biking than all our Portland area rain! David Hembrow must be right - it's cycle lanes and cycle paths more than weather?

Trisha said...

pretty bike! If it makes you feel any better, it will be a while before Nashville becomes the next Amsterdam, too. :)

stylocycle said...

Hi from Stylocycle!
That's a BAsil saddlebag, made in Amsterdam, yes, but available here in Canada through order from Curbside Cyle in Toronto (I have a link to their shop on my site). I have the same model of bag in a different pattern and love it. 35 l holding capapcity, waterroof, durable, and very light. I also have a saddle rain-hat from Basil, and a front panier which I really love because it has carryning handles to gather my groceries directly into the basket while I"m in the store.
Maybe you can find a bike shop that carries Basil bags in your region, and if not, it may be the case that the folks at Curbside could ship to you.
(ps: cocoa and/or chocolate in chili are always wonderful; peanut butter can also be a lovely secret ingredient. Either will remove the acidic edge of the tomatoes. I also like to put a little port or a sturdy burgundy into my chili and other tomato-based foods). Thanks for your chili ideas! I think I'll make some tonight to simmer while I rake the million or so leaves in my yard.