Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dressing for the Weather

Winter approaches in Flagstaff and with it layering and preparation for drastic changes in temperature between morning and dusk. With frost of the roof-tops on Monday, I pulled out my 7-year old red suede car coat from Target. I report with pride that I only paid $60 for this coat and I love it. Fully lined. Deep pockets. No fussy details. Washable! The perfect length for my short size. And it never fails that someone pays me a nice compliment about how striking it is.

After carefully consideration of the temperature and the slight breeze, I decided a scarf was in order for the 7:15 ride into work. I pulled out a woof scarf selected for me by my father when he and my mom visited Scotland several years ago. One of my favorites. Still, would I get to warm with it around my neck very far into my ride?

A few week back, I mourned the loss of a leather mitten, lined in rabbit fur the Planner Guy gave to me for Christmas our first year in Flagstaff. Very attractive and very warm. Although, I considered ski gloves as a replacement, I was relieved to find the fur lined mittens before putting down $60 for mittens I didn't find very pretty. They really did the job too. While not completely impervious to the cold, my fingers neither hurt nor turned numb. Several people suggested that mittens and lobster claw gloves are superior to gloves in the bitter cold because mittens and lobster claw gloves allow fingers to exchange heat. Made sense, and my thumb did prove to be more uncomfortable than my fingers.

After work, I began my ride sans scarf and gloves but donned them halfway into my ride home. With the sun sinking in the west and the wind picking up, I began to shiver. I stopped at the shipping container house under construction on the southside of the tracks to apply my layers and check on progress of the work. I had noticed someone working on the site when I passed in the morning and was curious what I would find at the end of the day. Slowly things are taking shape. Landscaping rock had been brought in and placed around the house, presumably to keep down the dust and I could see the containers had been moved slightly. Not much else but movement at least. I'll keep you posted.

Closer to Ponderosa Trails and home, I stopped on the urban trail to admire the changes in color. I love fall.


Dottie said...

You and the Breezer look great together! Very nice coat, mitten and scarf combo. I'm excited to see fall ensembles as the weather grows colder. :)

RidingPretty said...

The Red Coat looks amazing on you. Like you, I too 'shop my closet'... What a thrill to pull out a 6 year old coat!

I love being updated on the container house. I share a similar fascination with container eco-housing. As a child one of the old books my grandmother use to read to me was "The Box Car Children". What an influence on a young mind, I so wanted to live in a box car... funny, now people actually are!

Charlotte said...

Love red coats on bikes, ADORE red coats on red bikes. Well done!

The Bronze Bombshell said...

Your coat matches your bike. Well done! I also love the scarf (I just love plaid, period).

Don't all the things you notice while riding a bike make it all the more gratifying? I hope the container house intrigue continues for some time. Keep us posted.

Emma J said...

What a great coat (trying not to covet.)

And that container house? I'm curious what they'll end up making of it.

She Rides a Bike said...

I stopped by the container house construction site this afternoon and spoke with the builder. I introduced myself to assure him that my picture taking was a reflection of my excitement over the work rather than some nosey neighbor who doesn't want a shipping container house on his street. The house is a single family home. He assured me that it will be very well insulated so the owner should stay quite comfortable.

Filigree said...

The red coat on a red bike is a great look for you! And those step-through frames sure come in handy once coat season begins.

Omen shara said...
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