Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Being Visible, Part ll

Another way to be visible is to know how to get noticed. Often just being yourself rather than conforming to the accepted standards of . . . whatever . . . work just fine. This young lady and her dreadlocks caught my attention as she was locking her bike. I have always had a secret desire to have dreadlock-able hair. Unfortunately, I don't but but admire the daring of those can and do wear their hair that way. I think she looks happy and confident; yet another way to get visible.

Although, not with or on a bike, this Beagle knows how to get attention - sit inside a planter box! Sitting inside a planter box will get a Beagle noticed everytime and likely earn him a scratch behind the ears and a dog cookie.


SushiK said...

Thanks for the cute post! I like seeing people (and dogs!) just doin' their thang, being themselves!

CynthiaC54 said...
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CynthiaC54 said...

As I was saying, before I looked again at my comment and realized I could not, in good conscience as a writer, leave it as it was...

Love Dreadlocks Girl, LOVE the beagle! And you've inspired me to dig out my bright yellow macintosh - Talbot's, actually, several years old, but in perfect condition and VERY, um, visible for a Talbot's piece... :-)

Suddenly, the vented, translucent, nearly invisible cycling rain jacket is SO "last month."

RidingPretty said...

Visibility, getting noticed is GOOD however you may achieve it! Really in all seriousness, I like the bright yellow rain slicker. No mylar bike balloon outfits please ...(as in balloon boy) HA!

Omen shara said...
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