Monday, September 14, 2009

Townie Bike or Two? And Trip East.

Last week my coworker Wayne told me he would soon be hauling out an old yellow Schwinn stored somewhere around town to temporarily replace his current townie bike, perpetually locked up at work. Elegant, vintage wheels that they are, the saddle has been marred by deep and uncomfortable holes.

Most distressing! How could such a thing happen, you might ask? Every town has its menace. In Louisville, raccoons enter kitchens and leave the pantry a wreck of empty cracker and cereal boxes. In Winter Park, Colorado, the Planner Guy's former domain, bears raid decks in search of untended bowls of dog food and tear doors from their hinges in their zeal for the refrigerator. In Flagstaff, we have a little of both but the real villains are the large, black crows that proliferate. Their number, size and intimidating glare remind one of Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, The Birds. Never take your eyes off them as they certainly have nothing but evil on their minds. See how they tore into this bike saddle? And for what purpose?

So anyway, I left work this afternoon and found Wayne's yellow Schwinn townie bike tied up with his other bike. I noticed both had the same bike bell attached to the handle bars. I say, always stick with what you love. If it works for you, buy one in every color (how many times I have regretted not following that sage advice?).

I haven't asked Wayne if he plans to replace the crow-mangled saddle. I think a classic Brooks saddle would look very nice, indeed. Any suggestions I should pass on?

Life Update: Trip to Cleveland and Louisville
Bob and I depart Wednesday morning for Louisville for 10 days, with a stop in Cleveland for a big Italian wedding. His cousin Greg is the last of the cousins to marry, and Bob must go to dispense the wisdom of two years wedded bliss. And give his wife a tour of his hometown, complete with visits to only the best Italian delicatessens. I will use Bob's Blackberry to document bike commuting culture in both Cleveland and Louisville, since I still have not ponied up the cash for a new Canon. I know where to hang out in the 'ville in search of bike commuters but haven't a clue about where to search in Cleveland so if anyone has ideas, please share them.