Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of Bikes and Dog Walking

My sister Valerie et son petit ami, George, took a recent trip to Tennessee for a little mountain biking and kayaking. Here is a picture of Val from behind prooving one doesn't need too forgo style for the great outdoors. The shot is a little fuzzy but you get the idea. Plaid is going to be the big thing this year and Valerie is always very fashion forward.

Here is George with Rosie, Valerie's very sweet rescue dog, at a trail at Furman University. I envious when I see other Flagstaff bike riders pedaling along with their dogs dutifully trotting along on the leash. Jade-dog would never behave so well but Rosie apparently is able do very well and has even been welcomed on their stops at a dog-friendly restaurant that Valerie and George enjoy.

Rosie sunning herself next to the French doors, post bike ride. She's just exhausted!


Dottie said...

Nice pictures and cute dog! The Tennessee mountains are so beautiful, although I usually prefer the NC side, a personal thing.

Hua said...


It looks like you had a good bike ride from your pictures and Rosie's face. That picture of Rosie cracks me up.

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She Rides a Bike said...

Dottie: I am afraid I prefer the NC side too but I grew up in the area.

Hua: I submitted my blog to join. Thank you.

Christa said...

Nice! I want a dog just so I can bike with it. :)

Plaid shorts are popular here in southern California.

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