Friday, September 11, 2009

High Bike Fashion on Phoenix Avenue.

Yes, Flagstaff is a mountain town and Patagonia, NorthFace and Columbia constitute high fashion here, we do have our own original fashion designers. Two local talents can be found at Red Thread on Phoenix Avenue between Beaver and San Francisco, where Jen Jones and Tina LaChance cut cloth and pull thread. Besides being highly sought after seamstresses, they design clothes and have fashion shows. Many a little (and big) girls dream, and they are doing it!

Quite the sports girl, as well, Tina designs wrap around skirts in moisture wicking fabric perfect for ice skating, water ratting, and bike commuting. So perfect for bike commuting that she sewed a reinforcing fabric on the seat of the skirt. Tina said she likes to wear her's over jeans and bike shorts. I like the neon red color and piping. Great for visibility.And a little pocket.
And a little blue skirt.

Here, Tina displays her reversible, quilted wrap skirt designed for skiing. Of course, in the mountain southwest, why not wear it for a cold, cold morning bike commute? With some tall boots (such as the tall Montecito boots courtesy of Teva that I wrote about this past spring ) and some warms tights one couldn't be better insulated.


Filigree said...

Never seen a skiing skirt before; the quilted wrap one looks gorgeous. Nice shop!

Dottie said...

Cool skirts - especially that silver quilted one! I could definitely see that as winter commuting gear. I love reading about smaller, local designers.

MamaVee said...

very cook. I can't say I have ever thought of skiing in a skirt! I would def bike in that though.

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