Monday, August 24, 2009

Bike In Style News from Far Away

Our friend and co-worker, multi-modal transportation coordinator Martin sent me this fun clip from The New York Times On the Street with Bill Cunningham reporting on his observations of people riding their bikes and other people powered alternatives on the streets of NYC - some wearing skirts!. I just love the Times and don't know how I ever functioned without it.

Back here in Flag, it was a perfect day for bike commuting. With Northern Arizona University back in session this week, the streets were filled with students on shiny new bikes, as well as old faithfuls scratched, dented and covered with dirt and mud from trails (this is a mountain biking community overwhelmingly). Unfortunately, I left the house and picked up the camera unaware that the Planner Guy had removed the batteries to power his mouse! Oh, well. Hopefully, some stylish bicyclists will be at the monthly happy-hour group bike ride tomorrow night, beginning and ending at Altitudes Bar and Grill at 2 South Beaver St # 200. My hope is to be there just in time to pedal off onto the urban trail after work, camera in hand, with Bob and 15 or 20 friends and complete strangers.