Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nutcase Arrives in Flagstaff!

My friend and neighbor Angie just bought her first "big-girl" bike (more on that later) but joked that she liked my Nutcase helmet so much she bought one for herself before she even invested in the bike!

"Where?" I had to ask. I have been to every bike shop in Flagstaff and have yet to see a Nutcase helmet anywhere.

Angie found her helmet right in the heart of downtown Flagstaff at Rainbow's End, located 12 E. Rt. 66, a bike friendly little pedestrian courtyard with boutiques, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Miranda, the proprietor, carries breezy, romantic women's clothes and accessories that could have come straight out of Stevie Nicks' closet. Rainbow's End celebrates being a girl; there is nothing really unisex about Miranda's selections. I shouldn't be surprised then to find Nutcase bike helmets on display. Mine is so pretty.

If you are like me and ordinarily couldn't bear to wear a regular bike helmet but worry about life with a closed head injury, I can't recommend the Nutcase helmet strongly enough. It's the only helmet I feel totally at home in. And boy, are they tough. I've dropped mine more times than I could count and never found a crack or a scratch. My brain feels pretty protected. Like most helmets on the market, Nutcase helmets come with changeable interior pads for just the right fit. I wear a medium/large. At least for the first Nutcase helmet, I recommend trying one on over simply purchasing over the Internet. Miranda, pictured here, wears the Star Bright helmet.

Bikes of Summer

I saw these happy summer bikes parked around downtown today at lunch.

If this were Copenhagen, no doubt, nobody would ever pass judgement . . . still, it was probably the kind of nice father and son moment both will recall fondly in twenty years. And, hey, maybe they are on their way to Rainbow's End to order a kids 8-ball helmet (yeah, they make kids helmets, too)!


Phoenix Cycle Chica said...

I love that orange and yellow bike! And I love that father/son biking duo! The kid does seem a little uncomfortable, though. They need one of those little platforms that I see on the front of some European bikes - just to give him a little flat spot to sit on!

Mackenzie said...

I have the same helmet as your friend in the picture. I've had it for a year now, and LOVE IT. I also get lots of compliments on it, and use it to spread the good word about our local bike shops. :)

inkandpen said...

I'm amazed you don't find the nutcases too hot, especially in Flagstaff! I've been shopping for a new helmet, and I love the look of the nutcases, but they don't look decently ventilated at all! How do you manage it?

Filigree said...

I like the fit of Nutcase helmets, which I find pretty similar to Bern (I have a Bern Berkley). The funky designs are fun, but my favourite is the matte solid "Chocolate Milk" model; it reminds me of a vintage motorcycle helmet.

She Rides a Bike said...

Inkandpen: Flagstaff just doesn't get that hot; maybe in the 80's. The 90's are pretty rare. Humidity is really low so I haven't found the Nutcase to be a problem or to experience a lot of head sweat. When I lived in high humidity Louisville, it was a different story. I understand that Portland is undergoing quite a heat wave. Is that normal?

Filigree: I haven't had the pleasure of a Bern yet but I've seen them in the blogs and they are very retro. I like.

inkandpen said...

Portland IS undergoing a heatwave, and it is NOT normal-- we've been over 100 every day this week, which is simply unheard of (and seems to be breaking now). But the heatwave does mean I've got hot weather on the brain. I'll probably want something warmer come winter, but right now, I'm happy to sacrifice a bit of style for big ol' vents in the helmet!

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