Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meanwhile, Down in Sedona

Bob wanted to get out of town for a bit Saturday so we traveled down the hill through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona for breakfast and to look at triathlon bikes. We stopped for a hearty breakfast at one of our favorite spots, The Coffee Pot. Despite the high morning heat we decided to sit on the patio and were quite comfortable. A pergola shades the patio and we were entertained throughout our breakfast by a red dragonfly. If you are ever in Sedona stop by The Coffee Pot. They have over 100 breakfast items and so far nothing has disappointed us. My favorite is the short stack of buckwheat-blueberry pancakes with sausage and hashbrowns. Just the meal to have before heading off to . . . .

Sedona Bike and Bean in the Village of Oak Creek on Hwy 179. Undeterred by a recent infection and put him on the sidelines for theMountain Man Triathlon at Lake Mary in Flagstaff, The Running Bob decided his recovery time could be well spent checking out entry level tri-bikes and had heard he could purchase a quality rental at Sedona Bike and Bean (they serve coffee and tasty looking muffins, scones and bagels). Although Bob likes to bike commute at a leisurely pace he has a competitive spirit, and he has had such a good time with marathons and smaller local races his interest in triathlons has grown.

Bob tested this Titus Modena and liked the feel. Still, as with our other bikes, a lot of research goes into a bike purchase.

Bob was further encouraged in his goal to do triathlons when we went to cheer on our friend Dave at the Mountain Man. Bob and Dave did some training together, and it was very encouraging for Bob to see Dave finish in under 3 hours in his first tri. If you are a triathloner, check out The Running Bob post on today's Mountain Man Triathlon. It was terrific fun, and I have to admit, despite vowing after Bob's recent gift of the long coveted ruby red Breezer Uptown 8, I find myself now fighting back thoughts of lovely road bikes (heavy sigh).