Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flagstaff's Version of Audrey Hepburn on a Bianchi!

Yesterday, I met Jamie while she was preparing to depart City Hall on this lovely Bianchi road bike. This lovely young lady was suprised to learn that she is a model of Flagstaff mountain cycle chic, admitting that she has always been a bit of a tomboy. Hmm, not a big surprise to me as I imagine many women who bike commute have a bit of the daring tomboy in their DNA. Regardless, I love the cardigan and pedal pushers she is wearing. If Audrey Hepburn had lived in the mountain southwest, this would have been her outfit of choice - tonal, minimalist, elegant, no self-conscious fussy details. Jamie asked me if I wanted to get a close up of the necklace she recently found at the Art in the Park in Wheeler Park. Mais, oui!
Jamie, who works in mental health, and her boyfriend went down to one car this year, deciding they can rough it with one vehicle. And who is really roughing it when your alternate form of transport is a Bianchi? Thanks, Jamie for being a good sport and not running away from the crazy woman with the camera!


Jamie Hribal said...

Miss She Rides a Bike, you totally made my day yesterday with this. I do feel dishonest not correcting you on a part I apparently was confusing about though: we haven't downsized to one car, I'm just in between vehicles at the moment and using it as a fantastic excuse to ride my bike as often as possible! :P

And you aren't a crazy lady with a camera, you're a nice lady with a camera and a bike who makes people's day (like mine)!

Filigree said...

Love the neutral colours of the outfit and the necklace! A simple diamond frame bicycle with clean lines can look quite elegant.

Dottie said...


Phoenix Cycle Chica said...

Definitely stylish! And love the necklace!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Style is Universal. Either it is or it isn't. She's got it!

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