Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Bike, A Dress and Chunky Boots!

I have long sought a pair of boots but can't seem to find any that fit my short little legs because the calf always seems to reach past my knee, making me look like a little girl in her mother's clothes. As I mentioned in my last post, my love of Teva motivated me to visit the Internet sales office of their parent Company Decker Outdoor Corporation where lo and behold they gifted me with a pair of their new Montecito boots!

I adore them. They zip up a little over mid-calf on my legs (I am 5'1") and have a little cork/wedge heal to give me a little extra height. They are a nice buttery leather and super comfy. They are a nice combination of rugged and feminine.

I couldn't wait for the fall to wear them. My friend Stephanie leant me a few skirt and dresses to wade through over the weekend and mentioned that she was looking to thin out her stock. I found the one I'm wearing in this picture and it fit perfectly. Happily for me, this long wrap dress isn't Steph's cup of tea so she said I could have it. Yes! I love it with this dress.

Bob and I bike up to the Flagstaff Airport Sunday for a couple of newspapers. We only live about half a mile from the little airport and we recently discovered we could pedal up to the cafe on the weekend to pick up our weekend editions. Plus, the route is really spectacular right now, with plenty of blooming wildflowers, tiny, feeding hummingbirds, and a beautiful view of the San Francisco Peaks. Nothing unusual about putting on a Sunday dress so I slipped into my hand-me-down on, along with my new boots, for our short trip to the airport. I think both boots and dress look great with the rudy red Breezer, which I can't say enough about. The rear spring rack carried my Coach bag and our newspapers just fine.


Beany said...

You look gorgeous! Half the time it makes no sense for me to wear knee high boots as it is too warm. But I love the look you have got going.

RidingPretty said...

You look so great! I love those boots too, and your bicycle looks ever so right for you. Altogether just a pretty and inspiring summer
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Filigree said...

Oh, those are such beautiful boots! They look just right with a dress on a bike, especially in the countryside. Nice photos!

Phoenix Cycle Chica said...

Awesome boots! Cute and they look comfy.

Kery said...

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Louis said...

You look good right there. I really like the fact you wear a dress while biking. That's kind of unique.


Florence Carole said...

I have the Teva Jade Cove high boot suede, but I have never used it riding a bicycle. Heck, I don't even have one, but you really look lovely riding your breezer bike. Try a more colorful dress next time. Just my two cents.

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Kenjie Williams said...

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Mary White said...

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